Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL (Soundtrack Review)

In the start of what will hopefully be a different feature on my blog from normal, I look at the soundtracks from the latest movies and give them a listen and review them, starting with the most recent film that I’ve seen, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m no music expert but hopefully I aim to become more experienced with writing reviews for different material overtime, so I hope you enjoy the review. Remember, this is not a review of the film itself – merely the soundtrack, kept as spoiler-free as possible.

Any combination of awesome composers like Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL is going to automatically draw my attention. Zimmer is one of my favourite composers and an incredibly prolific one, and although Batman v. Superman will be his last superhero movie score, he certainly knows how to end on an epic fashion.  He holds nothing back from the audience and it shows, adding a bombastic, loud feel that’s just as insane as the film itself.

Coming in at one hour and thirty one minutes long, the Deluxe Edition includes thirteen songs on Disc 1 and five bonus songs on Disc 2. The combination of Zimmer and Junkie XL means that they’re never dull and bombastic right the way through. As usual Zimmer likes to repeat himself though and there are a couple of tracks that hit the same beat as Man of Steel, for example, Men Are Still Good (The Batman Suite), and Day of the Dead, instantly reminded me of the 2013 movie a lot. But then as this is a sequel that is only to be expected.

The Wonder Woman theme, Is She With You?, really works well and serves as an epic introduction to the character and makes for great listening on its own. It’s a pretty awesome score and arguably one of the highlights of the album. Fans need not fear if you have not already seen the movie, there are no obvious spoilers in the titles of the songs – at least not anywhere near the level of the “Death of Qui-Gon” from The Phantom Menace. The titles mostly borrow from lines uttered in the film itself, like the aforementioned “Is She With You?”, “The Red Capes Are Coming,” and in the bonus disc, “May I Help You, Mr. Wayne?”.

There are few quiet moments throughout the entire soundtrack, mostly coming in the songs that sound the closest to Man of Steel, because for the most part it doesn’t hold anything back. Given how action heavy the film itself was that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because it really works well, hitting several emotions effectively as the score is used to great effect, playing a vital role in establishing the tone of the movie and helping create a launchpad for a whole new world.

Recommended Tracks: Is She With You?, The Red Capes Are Coming, A Beautiful Lie, This Is My World, Men Are Still Good (The Batman Suite)



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