BREAKING NEWS: Title Confirmed For New Mission Impossible Movie!

Breaking news! The plot and title has been confirmed for Mission Impossible VI, the latest in the spy franchise, featuring a special guest star in the form of Daniel Craig’s James Bond. 


The plot and title for the latest Mission Impossible movie has been announced. Following from the critical and financial success of Mission Impossible V: Rogue Nation, the creators behind the franchise have decided to copy the structure of two recent box-office success stories, Deadpool and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite being critically panned, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice still managed to break box office records and Paramount are hoping that the same effect will have on their new film, Mission Impossible VI: Ethan Hunt v. James Bond – Dawn of Espionage, which will see the first meeting of two famous fictional spies from the Mission Impossible and James Bond franchises combine in a Spring Blockbuster epic that will herald the start of a new cinematic universe that attempts to put all of the currently released modern spy films in the same world in the attempt to assemble a superteam that could give the Avengers a run at the Box Office.

It is unclear what will drive Ethan Hunt and James Bond to fight each other but there is already speculation that the third party, ala Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will be Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne, called in to help the two overcome an unknown villain with mysterious powers. Both Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig are expected to reprise their roles in the spy epic, which will hope to capitalise on the Deadpool success by not only being as violent as it can possibly be, with Tom Cruise being quoted as saying, “Oh, there was this one scene, that when we saw the test footage of it, Daniel actually had to throw up. In a golden bucket that actually had the 007 logo on it. Can you believe that?” he then added, “Oh, and it’s great. It’s taking Ethan in bold, new and exciting ways that really allow him to connect with the audience. He breaks the fourth wall a lot, which I think is something that it is totally rad. Maybe he can convince them to join Scientology.”

The director Sam Mendes, hot off the heels of the success of Skyfall and Spectre has been announced to direct and the scriptwriter had yet to be announced. When approached for the project by Craig and Cruise, Mendes jumped at the chance immediately, “Oh yes, it sounded like a great idea. We noticed that the majority of spy movies that came out last year – Spectre – Rogue Nation and even 2014’s Captain America all had a similar plot so we decided to do a different one his time round and Daniel seemed game to combine the two franchises when we threw enough money at him so it felt like a perfect move.”

As this is technically a Mission Impossible film there will be no Bond theme played over the credits, but the director is currently in talks to ensure that both the iconic Mission Impossible score is used along with an original song composed by a British Artist that is currently yet to be announced. “Oh, we’re looking at whoever wins The Voice [a popular British talent show] this year,” said Mendes. “I’ve not been watching it myself but Simon [Pegg] tells me there are some good artists on there that we can use.” However for the main soundtrack “[they] turned to Martin Scorsese as the music supervisor, because that man’s a legend. We’ve got an opening scene where Ethan is in a nightclub waiting for some vital intelligence to the tune of The Rolling Stones’ Tell Me, and The Stones’ Gimme Shelter will also feature later in the film, when Bond is rescued by MI5 Agents. It’s going to be great!”

Mendes has also announced that there will be cameos from popular spy movie characters throughout Mission Impossible VI. Henry Cavill will reprise his role from The Man From UNCLE to play a man out of time, working with Armie Hammer’s Russian Agent Illya Kuryakin. When asked how the characters will be transported from the height of the Cold War to the present day Mendes explained that was part of the challenge, and refused to give away any information. However Cavill recently stated in a press conference that Mendes has no idea yet, and is still figuring out the basic stages of how the film will work. After the unexpected hit of the comedy/drama Spy, Melissa McCarthy is also in talks to star, bringing some much needed humour as well as another wild card element to the film.

Mission Impossible VI: Ethan Hunt v. James Bond – Dawn of Espionage is coming to theatres in April 1 2017. Cast confirmed for the blockbuster event includes Daniel Craig, Armie Hammer, Henry Cavill, Ben Wishaw, Simon Pegg, Matt Damon, Rebecca Ferguson, Ralph Fiennes, Christopher Waltz and more.


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