Advent 2014: Favourite Characters – Day #4: Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla

I switch to a new interpretation of a classic ‘character’ today for this Advent column and look at the latest take of Godzilla, the King of Monsters, from Gareth Edwards’ film that was released earlier this year and is currently out on DVD.

You know the drill…

“As you’ve probably noticed from above, this is a new blog series dedicated to showcasing my favourite characters from 2014. I will draw from a wide variety of sources but the conditions are simple – I have to have either first encountered that character in 2014, (or a different iteration of that character in 2014, for example, If I were to use, Steven Moffat’s Sherlock Holmes, I would be allowed to as even though I discovered the character before the year of me writing the Advent list, I did not discover Moffat’s take on the character until 2014. Of course, I watched BBC’s Sherlock before 2014, but that’s just a standard example). I can also refer to groups of characters, for example, on a variation of a list last year, I used the Clone Club from Orphan Black, and the main cast from Stargate Atlantis. This will be used multiple times this year when talking about TV show characters – as they are generally better as an ensemble piece as opposed to an individual group.
And also, as is evident from the first character that I have used this year, Raylan Givens, I am allowed to pick characters from previous years as long as I have discovered them in this year. By discovered, that obviously means I have to have watched the first episode of the TV series in 2014, or alternatively, I am also allowed to include characters who I have become more attached to in this year that I weren’t necessarily so keen on before, for example, If a character did something awesome this year to raise their game and turn him or her into a new fan favourite than these characters would be allowed to be included.”

I did say variety was coming, didn’t I? It wouldn’t be all just TV characters….
Okay, I know. Godzilla wasn’t the best movie of 2014. It wasn’t even in the Top 10, and my expectations weren’t met, mainly due to the fact that the trailer billed it up to be all about Godzilla and Bryan Cranston, and the actual film didn’t get around to featuring that many of either one. However, that said, the scenes where Godzilla actually showed up were among the coolest scenes that I saw on the big screen in 2014, particularly the ending clash in the city, which really saved the film for me. It was worth sticking around for that awesome moment that really kicked arse.
Godzilla doesn’t have the largest role in this film but when the King of Monsters shows up he certainly leaves an impression. The CGI, particularly on the big screen, is incredibly impressive, and the monster vs. monster fight sequences were handled very well. It almost kind of makes me long for a Pacific Rim/Godzilla crossover, which would probably be the most awesome thing ever.
Of course, I first encountered Godzilla before 2014. I mean, chances are, most people will have heard of the kaiju, and with 28 films featuring him that have cropped up since his first appearance in 1954, making the ‘character’ a hit. His presence is pretty much felt whoever he goes and he instantly makes an impression on the audience, for good or for ill. It’s safe to say that not all Godzilla films have been successful over the years and this latest incarnation of Godzilla has proven to be just as divisive.
This post is going to be fairly short (or at least, shorter than the previous three), and for that I apologise, but then, come on, who isn’t familiar with Godzilla already? So without further ado, I’m going to leave you with this… (SPOILERS FOR GODZILLA, but trust me, it’s worth seeing on the biggest screen you can get:)

Seriously, this was fantastic in the cinema.


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