Elektra #1

I review the first issue in a brand new Elektra series, written by W. Haden Blackman and with pencils from Mike Del Mundo and colours from both Del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso, published by Marvel Comics.

Another week, another new Marvel #1. However, if they’re as good as Elektra than I’m not complaining, because this title blew me away with not only some jaw-dropping artwork that is among the best from Marvel’s recent comics, but also a strong script written by a former co-writer of the awesome Batwoman comic for DC Comics, W. Haden Blackman – and it’s great to see him back in the comics industry writing for a similar title (yet obviously, at the same time, a very different one), Elektra.
Like the best #1 issues, Elektra serves as a good jumping on point for any reader. Whether you’re a veteran fan or this is your first Elektra comic (like myself) this book should be right up your street – it’s amazing, and has instantly leapt into one of my favourite Marvel comics with just one issue.
Right from the first page you can tell that you’re going to be in for a treat with the artwork. It’s unconventional, and shares more similarities with Batwoman  (or at least, before the creative switch) than it does any other DC Book, and this is one of the books that you’re going to be on board for the artwork alone – which was enough to sell me on the title. Mike Del Mundo has done an amazing job here and working with Marco D’Alfonso he really makes this book something else, and for that reason alone this is probably my favourite title of the week – it just looks amazing, and if it continues its fine form then this book could well end up being my favourite Marvel comic currently on stands.
Yes, the $3.99 pricetag that seems to be the norm for Marvel pricing (aside from the likes of Loki: Agent of Asgard, She-Hulk, Avengers Undercover and a few other exceptions) but this is really only the negative thing about this book. The artwork is worth the admission price alone, and the script is pretty solid, serving as a fun introduction as well as establishing the ongoing plot for Elektra as a character, in the first part of the Bloodlines storyline.
I couldn’t praise the artwork of this issue enough. It looks visually amazing and every new page will leave the reader breathless – it’s just beautiful. Right from the previews alone I was hooked, and this was going to be an instant must-buy for me.  The script by W. Haden Blackman is good, fast-paced and off to a solid start, but the artwork is where all the talking points are going to be about because it is just amazing, the only real problem being if Mike Del Mundo fails to meet the monthly deadline for this series – we’re only one issue in and I can’t imagine it being drawn by anybody else – that’s how good he is.
Whilst an idea of an Elektra ongoing might be unusual (along with other upcoming ongoings like Cyclops & Storm) but as long as it looks amazing I am certainly going to be up for it and it’s great to see Marvel doing something different for a change rather than just having a team-up book with Wolverine. Looking forward to more, and hopefully it can keep up the high quality that we are now expecting from this book.


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