Green Arrow #27

I review Green Arrow #27, written by Jeff Lemire with artwork by Andrea Sorrentino and published by DC Comics. This issue earns my pick of the week!

Along with Batman and Swamp Thing, Green Arrow is among my favourite ongoing series from the New 52 at the moment and I’m loving each issue since I jumped on board with #19 in print after reading #17-18 digitally and then going back and buying the issues in print to complete my collection. I just love everything about this series – Oliver Queen is being brought to life in a way that will not only appeal to fans of Arrow but also long term fans of the character. There are so many things that are great about this comic, and in short, I loved it. It’s just amazing, and with this issue, Lemire finished up with a cliffhanger that had me speechless in the same way that most of Three Ghosts, the latest episode from the TV series, did. It was just so good, so awesome – and now I’m cursing DC’s strict sticking to the monthly shipping schedulde. I’d have loved to see this book be bimonthly – because that’s how good Lemire and Sorrentino are at DC right now. If you’re reading one book from the publisher you’d better make it this one, because as far as I’m concerned, Green Arrow, with the current creative team, is essential reading for anyone even remotely interested in comics.

It’s just fantastic. I mistakenly thought that the Detective Comics #27 Anniversary issue would be able to dethrone Green Arrow from its near consistent pick of the week status and things were looking like it should after I read it. But that was before Green Arrow, which came along and blew me out of the water with its awesome storyline. Taking place on the island featuring Shado and Ollie, the book sees part two of the Outsiders War get underway with a guest apperance from Katana herself. I’m not reading the solo book featuring Katana at the moment (Nor even aware of its current status, whether it has already been canceled, is still ongoing or will be canceled) but an appearance by her outside of a book written by Nocenti (who, along with Lobdell, is one of the creators who I avoid) is always welcomed and I’m glad to say that Lemire handles the character well based on what I’ve seen. Her appearance is only brief and does tease more – so it’ll be interesting to see what happens if Katana and Ollie do meet each other especially given that both characters are part of the Justice League of America.

I don’t normally post artwork with reviews, but when I do, it’s amazing. Just look at how awesome it is!

The artwork by Andrea Sorrentino is just incredibly jaw dropping, and as much as I love Lemire’s work, this book wouldn’t have been as great as it is without Sorrentino working on it as well. His artwork has been awesome since #17 (especially his covers) and I’ve been loving each and every issue. The covers for The Outsiders War have looked particularly amazing and the interiors all are wonderful to look at. The book indeed is worth buying for the artwork alone, but this is one of those rare occasions when the creative team work together perfectly – with Lemire finally delving into Oliver’s past and exploring the event that turned him into Green Arrow. The basic plot was explored in the previous issue and now Lemire can kick things into high gear with the second issue in The Outsiders War. It’s well and truly underway now and based on what I’ve seen so far I can’t wait for more.

It’s a great time to be a fan of Oliver Queen, and if you’re not reading this book then you certainly should be.



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