12 Days of Christmas – Best SFF Characters of 2013 – Day #3: The Clone Club

Continuing the 12 Days of Christmas theme focusing on the best SFF Characters of 2013, I turn my attention to the best new SFF TV series of 2013 full stop, the amazing Orphan Black, and in this post, I cover all the characters played by Tatiana Maslany.


The Clone Club is essentially the nickname given to the Orphan Black fandom after it had been used in one of the episode to describe the group of clones in the series. And, to be honest – all of them are that well developed and interesting characters with their own strengths and weaknesses that I could pretty much list any one of them here and take up a good six or seven spots on the list. But as there are so many other good 2013 characters, I thought it’d be best to cheat and put them all into one list. 
For everyone who hasn’t seen Orphan Black, I strongly recommend you go ahead and watch it. Tatiana Maslany is just superb and (spoiler alert, if I make a list at some point) is easily my favourite actress of 2013 just for these incredible performances alone. Playing seven on-screen clones in Season 1, with the seventh only getting a limited amount of screentime, we first meet Maslany as Sarah Manning, a con artist – who witnesses the suicide of Beth Childs, a woman who looks exactly like her. Beth leaves behind her bag containing all her identification, which Sarah decides to steal. The show consequently goes on from there – exploring the consequences of that decision as Sarah meets ‘Soccer-Mom’ Alison Hendrix, tech geek Cosmia, German Katja Obinger (briefly) and the unhinged Helena in quick succession. The fact that Maslany manages to make each of these characters unique and interesting is an incredible achievement, and why I’ve voted for her and Orphan Black pretty much on every award that I’ve seen that it’s nominated for and I strongly suggest that you do to.
Whilst it doesn’t look like we’re getting Season 2 until August in the UK despite its airdate in the US sometime in April, you can guarantee that I’ll be watching it for sure, especially with the phenomenal final episodes and the cliffhanger. Regardless, it’s been a great year for Tatiana Maslany and Orphan Black,so that’s why The Clone Club make this list.

Day #1: Green Arrow

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